A3XAI FIX for reinforcement paratroopers and vehicle loot

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2 hours ago, NFGCaboose-1 said:

@Mahognys Since we have switched the loot to the vehicle, does that not put loot on the AI that ride in the vehicle anymore? All my AI only have one mag in their backpack now. Wondering if i fat fingered something in the config. Going to check my logs and see but wanted to ask so i am not wasting time scanning logs.

Maybe they empty their pockets before they get out ? ;-)    Joke aside I have not experinced less loot than before. You could try and use and older version before you added vehicle and test out.

2 hours ago, DEH4NK said:

This does not change anything. DynamicSimulation is disabled and DMS_ai_freeze_Only_DMS_AI = true; I have

"A3XAI Debug: Group O Bravo 2-5 (Level 3) is calling reinforcements."
"A3XAI Debug: Spawned AI O Charlie 1-2:1 with unitLevel 3 for group O Charlie 1-2."
"A3XAI Debug: Spawned AI O Charlie 1-2:2 with unitLevel 3 for group O Charlie 1-2."
"A3XAI Debug: Spawned AI O Charlie 1-2:3 with unitLevel 3 for group O Charlie 1-2."
"A3XAI Debug: Created AI air reinforcement group O Charlie 1-2 is now active and patrolling."
"A3XAI Debug: Paradrop group O Charlie 1-3 with 6 units deployed at [16127.4,17429.8,0] by B_Heli_Transport_01_F group O Charlie 1-2."
"Debug: Cleaning up reinforcement group O Charlie 1-2."
"Debug: [""A3XAI_transferGroup_PVS"",O Charlie 1-2]"
"A3XAI Debug: Deleting air_reinforce group O Charlie 1-2."

This is the log for the reinforcement group. The heli also flew around 1700-1900 meters away and "froze"  


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