Exile SQL Setup Failed (Need Help)

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Hello @Jutstin,

Based on what I am seeing, you do not know the user/password for the DB.

And it is quite clear too:  "...Connection attempt failed: Access denied for user 'root'@'localhost' (using password: YES)..."


What I do is to create a new account and give that account full access.

This is true here as in Windows - NEVER USE THE MASTER ACCOUNT FOR ANY THING!!!

Then after you create the account connect to it with MyWorkbench.  Also make sure you ran the 'DB Setup' scripts that came with the Exile Server package.

IF MyWorkbench does NOT connect, then you have goofed up something somewhere; wrong ports; wrong name, wrong password, etc.


And me PERSONALLY, I do not use the 'localhost', I remove it and replace it with that computers INTERNAL ip address.  So in MY CASE, I removed 'localhost' and replaced it with  'To each his own'


And so you know, this is a problem with the DB and NOT Exile.  After you get past this, ARMA may still not 'work'.  You MUST follow directions EXACTLY at ALL times.



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