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Auto-run & Lock/Thermal scanner exploits fixes

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Since there are a couple of Exploits with Auto-run and avoiding getting scanned with thermal scanners by re-placing doors/gates/windows etc. or using them to steal a safe after you hacked it, i tried my best to fix a few things.

You just need to create these custom-code overrides and that's it.


Lock/Thermalscanner fix files (GoogleDrive)

class CfgExileCustomCode 
	ExileClient_system_autoRun_canAutoRun = "custom\fix\ExileClient_system_autoRun_canAutoRun.sqf";

	//Lock/Thermalscanner fix
	ExileServer_object_construction_network_addLockRequest = "custom\fix\ExileServer_object_construction_network_addLockRequest.sqf";
	ExileServer_object_lock_network_hackLockRequest = "custom\fix\ExileServer_object_lock_network_hackLockRequest.sqf";
	ExileServer_object_lock_network_setPin = "custom\fix\ExileServer_object_lock_network_setPin.sqf"

If you have different overrides for this files you can do this

#### Fix for re-placing objects with locks to avoid getting scanned. (Door and safes)
## File: ExileServer_object_lock_network_setPin.sqf
# Line 22 add

_object setVariable ["ExileLastLockToggleAt", time];

## File:ExileServer_object_construction_network_addLockRequest.sqf
# Line 60 add

_door setVariable ["ExileLastLockToggleAt", time];

#### Fix for hacking safes and then scan it to get the code and pack it (stupid imho).
### File: ExileServer_object_lock_network_hackLockRequest.sqf
# Find and remove (default line 42)

_object setVariable ["ExileLastLockToggleAt", time];

For the Auto-run fixes: At the current state it blocks auto-run in territories (VG + auto-run exploit) and spamming auto-run to shorten certain animations like getting run over and the healing animations.
You can simply add more animations to restrict, easiest way is getting the names by putting this into your Infistar debug console
The name of the animation in the ExileClient_system_autoRun_canAutoRun.sqf must be in lowercase!

animationstate player;


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