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Database issues (Exile Occupation)


Hello. I run a exile private server for a small group of friends via a gsp (Game server provider). I am aware of the database fragmentation that exile occupation causes and am curious if anyone has a fix for this. I have my max ai count set very high as we wanted more of a pve exile experience. Server runs great, no major frame drops surprisingly. Anyway, removing the addon isn't an option for us. I'd rather deal with some minor fragmentation than remove it. Just posting this here to see if anyone has a fix or any ideas. Only thing ive seen database related in dms's config is  DMS_Add_AIKill2DB = false;  // Adds killstat for player in the database.

Nothing in occupations config. Some examples of the problems we're having is loot disappearing from safes and other containers, vehicles unlocking even if there not in a trader zone, gates and doors unlocking, vehicles getting rolled back to previous locations (sometimes hours back), and maybe more I haven't noticed. Thanks

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