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i have run into an issue while swapping from Tadst to a batch file.

after some help from others on this site ive reached the point were my batch file will start the server and everything with run fine from what i can see

my issues shows up when someone other than myself trys to join the server

they will always get the battleye initialization failed popup in game

((tested with two other friends who both get the same and even on my wife's pc using her account and get the same))

Turning off battle eye will allow them to join with no issue however this also disables my restarts that ive set for every 4 hours


anyone have a clue on how to fix this and would be willing to teach me how to fix it.

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How are you hosting the server? Are you hosting it on your own computer? Is this a dedicated server that you remote connect to and have full control over? Is this a simple control panel given to you by the server host? I'm going to assume it's one of the first two since we are talking about TADST (I have no idea why that program still exists) and a BAT file. So to answer why you don't get kicked but everyone else does. If it's on your own machine then you are void of needing the correct Battleye port open. If you are remote connecting to the dedicated server box then you already have an established connection with the server host and again are void of the required Battleye port. 

There's the why and how. Now to the fixes. If it is a battleye filter issue then you can open your Battleye folder in your root directory and copy all the TXT files in there and make a backup of them. Then delete all the existing TXT files in that folder so there are no filters for players to be sourced thru. This is only a temporary deletion of filters, hence the backup of the TXT files for later. Now we want to make sure we have all the proper ports open for your server so players can connect. If this is on your home machine you will need to allow the ports thru both your Machines firewall and your routers firewall. This is also called Port Forwarding. To do this you can visit this site, search your router, and it will give you step by step instructions on how to Port Forward a game port.  https://portforward.com/router.htm

Now if this is a home machine you will need to find out your local IPv4 Address and set the port to that IP. An example of what this looks like is or the other thousand variants of this IP. To find yours simply open Command Prompt or CMD and type ipconfig and hit enter. Then look for the IPv4 Address and it'll be there. Now if this address changes often for your machine then you can assign the machine a static IPv4 Address so that doesn't happen anymore. But we'll come back to that if you have that problem.

Moving on. Lets assume you are using a dedicated server box and you remote connect to that box; and it's running some type of Windows Server. You will need to go into the firewall settings. Open Control Panel >> Windows Firewall >> Advanced Settings >> Inbound Rules. On the right side after click Inbound Rules you will see New Rule which opens up a Wizard prompt. You will be doing ports, so select Port then Next. Select the Type of port (TCP or UDP) and then specify the port number in the text box, then click next. Allow the connection is already selected so click Next. This rule applys to all, and all is already selected so click next. Then you give the Port a name and click Finish. You do this for each port and if the port is both UPD and TCP, you do the process twice for each type. You can name the Ports identical names, it doesn't affect it. Once you are done that, load up your server and have someone try to join.

The ports you will need to open for Arma 3 Server are:

2344-2345 TCP
2344 UDP
2302-2306 UDP
And whatever port you use for RCON which can be 2307 or any 23** number.
2307 UDP


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first of all, thank you for your time, you did not need to go that in depth but you did and it helped out a ton so thank you.

followed your steps and now things are working so we are all good and I can't thank you enough 


for someone like me who is still new to this and learning slowly people like you are heroes

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