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Unknown Issue Causing Server Crash


Hi All,

Starting to give up regarding server crashes. It's a shame to see our server, which has started to get really popular, crashing and losing players.

I've attached an RPT from our latest crash (~5 mins ago). The server sometimes goes nearly 2 weeks without a crash and then can crash twice in a day... the inconsistency to it and lack of error codes is making it difficult for me to see any cause. I've reinstalled ArmA on our server, as well as the mods. Maybe I'm missing something obvious but your help would be massively appreciated.

RPT: https://pastebin.com/Kguhygi0

Kind Regards,


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Hello @SleePyHollow150,

I looked as I have the 'latest and greatest' version of CBA.

So, let us get some facts straight:

I have it and I do NOT get this error.

I did NOT find 'ammo1+ammo2' in any CBA PBO (I searched in an 'unique' way).

It IS possible that CBA is 'right' and some mod is 'wrong'.  Without me starting ARMA, it is POSSIBLE the 'formula' SHOULD BE 'A SPACE + SPACE B'

Like this:  a + b.  NOT a+b.  Some interpreters will assume a+b is a SINGLE 'word', others do not. ARMA?  I forget, but I, for some reason, ALWAYS put a space in ARMA.  I do not in other languages.  BUT, I did just 'fire up ARMA' and 'test this'.


In the console I typed in:

a = 1; b=2; hint str (a+b);

a = 1; b=2; hint str (a + b);

BOTH gave the answer of 3, which they should.


So, this means something aint right!


With a little digging, which you did not do, for if you did, you would not be here;)

ALWAYS take the error and put it into Google FIRST!

Putting into Google:  "unable to compile MFD condition" arma

I got THIS.

This is an OLD PROBLEM that has been around since March 2018 and no telling how much longer before that!  :(

And notice, it is the EXACT ERROR YOU HAVE!


See:  https://forums.bohemia.net/forums/topic/143930-general-discussion-dev-branch/?page=969


Bohemia's problem tracker has issue since MARCH 2017!!!!  ZERO response from Bohemia

See:  https://feedback.bistudio.com/T123823


Personally I think it is a mod that is using some 'function' that is bugged in ARMA.  Solution?  Either 're-write' that mod or quit using it.


I know that is not what you like to hear.  Outside of the 2 above options, I do not think there is too much you can do sadly.


Your OTHER errors, I ALSO put those into Google:


"Error in expression <ffectCreate ["ColorCorrections" = https://feedback.bistudio.com/T85601  MARCH 2016


"DMS ERROR :: Attempting to spawn static base with file ""saltflatsbase"" =





IF I had to 'make a guess', it would be one of three things:

1 - Old/poorly/out-dated mod being used.

2 - Not installed properly.

3 - Both #1 and #2.



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I just downloaded another fresh copy of CBA_A3 and found "ammo1" in the following files:




Must be in CBA...

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I agree with @Z80CPU

I am also using CBA and this is the first time I see this error, so it is not about CBA definitely (unless you have corrupted download somehow), maybe some other mod or faulty script is manifesting in this error.

Also haven't seen it using Altis map, with CBA and Exile only, which only verifies that it is a question of either

  • faulty or corrupted mod
  • poorly installed mod
  • faulty or corrupted addon or script
  • poorly installed script or addon
  • using non compatible/obsolete script or addon
  • using script or addon that were not configured properly


Btw, I never used @AdvancedUrbanRappelling, @AdvancedTowing and @AdvancedRappelling, shouldn't they also be loaded on clients (loaded under -mod=) in order for them to be able to use it?

And infistar and infistar apps, shouldn't they be loaded to server as addons, not as mods?


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Advanced Rap and Urban Rap can be added either way.  We have them installed as optional server mods.  If the player doesn't have them loaded, they still get the functionality, but not the custom sounds.  Advanced Towing can actually be added to the mission file, or either way listed above.  InfiStar and it's accompanying apps can be loaded as either mods or as addons.  There's no difference in functionality.  Chris just recommends picking one way and using it for all of his apps.


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