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Honda Odyssey

Launch problems


First off heres a pastebin of my full rpt log https://pastebin.com/7XXCrWCc , sorry for posting all of it but I've scanned over the whole thing a few times and nothing stood out to me.

The server is set up fine to my knowledge, running a default altis or even a default chernarus map everything loads just fine. But when editing the chernarus map the rpt is as shown. Ive been using m3editor-eden and 3den exile loaded with cup core and cup maps to edit, I exported the initplayerloca.sqf, and exported the map to multiplayer to get the mission.sqm then deleted the initserver.sqf. Previously ive also tried exporting everything individually through the 3den editor, traders in initplayerlocalsqf, objects in initserversqf, markers in mission.sqm. The initserversqf from that attempt is in the github, along with my current full exile.chernarus file.


Any help is appreciated, Thanks

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