Exile Traders Chernarus 2019 Made By HogansHeroes

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Mods used on these traders are,



Airport Trader


Hilltop Trader 1 and 2

23939447_HilltopTrader1.thumb.jpg.04eec6252186c0c37b61458a96f054f7.jpg   750584272_HilltopTrader2.thumb.jpg.f46426cde76d2b7c642b85c57cbc04ab.jpg

North Airstrip Trader


South Airstrip Trader


I also included Boat Traders, Spawnpoints And Trader Zone Markers, Which can be altered

Any questions just ask

https://www.dropbox.com/s/sp6994ipl8yg4lw/Exile.Chernarus Made By HogansHeroes.pbo?dl=0

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