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MultuRespect sustem

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I just need help or maybe solution with my idea.
I want use multi-respect sustem for Exile, but i dont have one. What i want:

respect = reputation

- Available goods from a faction trader depend on the player’s reputation in that fraction.
- Killing faction nps will give + to the reputation of the opponent’s faction and - to the reputation of the faction of the dead nps.
- Killing a player who helps 1 faction will give + to reputation of faction 2 and - to reputation of 1 faction.
- The explosion of equipment and participation in the mission on the sides of the factions will give + or - to reputation
- NPC attack players with negative npc fraction reputation
- Also need xm8 app with rep. table

Technically, I can edit the algorithm for obtaining a player's reputation, but I do not know how to apply it to the database.
So, i need help. I can pay for work, if it needed for working solution.
My Discord id: TheDJ#0733

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