SetVariable #0 "r3f_log_remorque"

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Hi All,

I'm currently have some trouble getting one of my Battleye error messages fixed.
I checked the Setvariable log file and see this error message.

11.09.2015 11:02:51: [USERNAME] ( [UID] - Value Restriction #0 "r3f_log_remorque" = 4badd600# 1822991: hatchback_01_f.p3d 2:7318 Exile_Car_Strider

I added the following to my Setvariable.txt and setVariableVal.txt but it seems to have failed to work for me.


7 "" !="exilexm8isonline" !="bis_fnc_selectrespawntemplate_respawned" !="mymoneyval" !="r3f_log_remorque"
7 "ExileScore"
7 "ExileMoney"


7 "" !="true" !="false" !="[0-9]*" !="[0-9].[0-9]*e\+[0-9]*" !="r3f_log_remorque"

I read the How To Battleye and got it all working for the Script.txt but not this one.

Any one who can help me with this and tell me what I'm doing wrong?

Many Thanks!

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