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Hello i am mint! I Recently have ordered a Exile Server with a friend. I am in the process of setting it all up and we are in need of staff to make the process of creating our community a lot quicker. The server is setup currently on Esseker. I have added a few addons here and there still looking for more. We have not yet come up with a good name for the Community/Server still thinking, everyday! I thought it would be awesome if i could find some people who are experienced with Exile who could help out, as witch i am not. I do have experience with scripting, but a little rusty. If there is anyone who is interested in joining a new community and looking to start something big and awesome! Just tell your age below and what you are experienced with and how long have you been working with arma 3 servers and or  if you are good with HTML/Websites  :D  Thank you If you would like to add my steam here is the link and my skype. Skype: forever.night2 Steam:

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