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[RTG] Community/Clan Looking for Members!

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Real Time Gaming


Real Time Gaming is a community welcome to all races, sex's, and ages! We started out as a small group of 3 and developed into a much larger clan that is now more based around Exile and other Arma 3 games! We are always looking for new gamers and don't require much to be eligible for our group.

Requirements and Rules:

  • Be a mature player. We don't have a set age requirement, but if you act like a 5 year old then expect to be treated as such.
  • Have some gaming experience in Arma 3 as well as how to install mods. We'll always be willing to help with mod installation, but having to explain simple mechanics of the game and it's folders can get old and we want players that know how to use their own PC.
  • Be an active player
  • Don't whine. Just because you died doesn't mean we need to know about it for the next hour.
  • Respect other members. We have all different types of varying ranks to keep equal responsibility amongst our members. We just ask that members are respected. Whether you be an owner or a newb, we want everyone treated alike.
  • Language. We don't really care too much how you talk, but how you say it is what matters. Cursing is completely fine, but don't direct it at other gamers.
  • And finally, most of all, have fun. This is a gaming clan. Don't walk around with a chip on your shoulder, we all just play to have fun and escape the real world for a bit.

How to Join:

To join simply hop on our Teamspeak at :

Thank you and we hope to see you soon!


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