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Hello there!

We are currently looking to recruit new staff members to fill many staff slots such as:

  • Community Recruiter - 5
  • Community Monetizer -5
  • Head of Community Management - 1
  • Moderator - 2
  • Admin - 3
  • Head of Administration - 1
  • Developer - ?


  • Speak/Read/Write Fluent English
  • Be at least 18 years of age. 14+ can be considered if we talk with you prior
  • Have some experience as a staff member and be able to show it
  • Have a weekly active game-time of about 15 hours

How to Apply:

Join our TS at: And speak with a staff member



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What do people get out of applying or even being apart of your community?

There are already a ton of communities out there, more information would be helpful on choosing your community over others.

Also what FranklinCPC said.

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