having some trouble with a restriction

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hey guys im having some trouble with this restriction, i followed the battleye guide and this is what i got in the end but it still kicks me?

!="n /n{/nswitch (true) do/n{/ncase(_dis >= 3 && _dis <= 4):/n{/n_u setdamage (damage _u)+(_dis*0.01);/n};/ncase(_dis >= 4 && _dis <= 6):/n{"

I created that exception from this restriction:

29.09.2015 00:28:09: Crypto (xxxxx) xxxxxxx - #41 "n 
switch (true) do
case(_dis >= 3 && _dis <= 4):
_u setdamage (damage _u)+(_dis*0.01);
case(_dis >= 4 && _dis <= 6):

I am clearly doing this wrong but im not sure where?

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use \ instead of /


It will be:

!="n\n{\nswitch (true) do\n{\ncase(_dis >= 3 && _dis <= 4):\n{\n_u setdamage (damage _u)+(_dis*0.01);\n};\ncase(_dis >= 4 && _dis <= 6):\n{"


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