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ClanZGaming Recruiting

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ClanZ is a small group 8-12 of pve, pvp minded players that band together and have fun. Most of us are based in the USA, Canada and 30+ age group. We have spots open for more members. 21+ age group preferred.

We are putting up one or two exile mod servers, and keep the 1 server zombies, exile, with maybe scripts and AI. The 2nd Server like always will be my custom special server with AI, pvp, new map, fully customized. (psssst I like to script)

ClanZ also has a (turned off due to arma) ARK server setup, Dayz, etc... server(s) with hopes to return to Dayz and PVP some more. We also hope we can mod our own server in the end.

We have some USA active military members, on current duty etc.. and if you feel you would like to get to know us, please by all means contact

<z>LordBud, <z>Sneakydude, Pownder You can contact me directly here if you like.

All we ask in ClanZ, have fun, new ideas, and either PVP or PVE with us.


Look forward to meeting you. Soon our Arma 3 server will be back online once again with Exile installed :)!!!!

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