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Clan match: "Capture or Defend flag"

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Hello all fellow Exile players

I have an idea of a clan match and a way to earn respect.

How about making "Capture or Defend flag" fights. Clans can send invite to other clans for "Capture or Defend flag" challenge. In the invite you can set the time and date for match. You have two sort of match invites to choose from, "Defend" or "Attack".  If the other clan accepts the challenge the match will be open for like 2h for set time period. If one team member from the other clan reaches your flag they win (burn effect on flag until next restart). If the 2h is up and attackers haven’t reached flag in time, the defenders win match (green smoke on flag, firework, something else to celebrate win?). Can only have 1 match each restart to prevent fake matches (also you can’t have the same clan match in a row?). Winner gets a large amount of respect.

Server can also have a scoreboard (at trader/XM8) of which clan have "Capture flag" and "Defended flag" the most.

Maybe have a HUD match timecounter when match is on? To se how much time is left....

On the XM8 you can manage matches and have a match calendar. All clan members can see calendar and clan officers manage matches…. Something like that?

Maybe bases usually can be indestructible, but under "Capture flag" match base objects can get destroyed. I guess many out there have experienced your base gets attacked/destroyed while you are offline, do you like that? Can this be a solution for ending base raid when people are offline? Now you can have a real base attack/defend match.


If you like the idea and support, maybe developer will see this post and consider it. Cheers! B|



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