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Hi all I'm Aussie the maker of Australia map, for anyone wishing to Port Exile to the Australia map I can assist with any questions you may have. I've been working closely with Modest from Modest gaming to get Exile up and running. We've been having a blast running around. Below are some things to help you in the port.




To get trees to work, below are the following trees to enter into the array

les  <---arma 1 trees

brg <-----Desert Trees

palm <---- palm trees in North Queensland

smrk <--- Ama 1 trees

str <--- Arma 1 trees


Arma 2 and Arma 3 trees will work fine. 



To get loot spawning in all the custom Buildings You can download the loot table which has all Arma plus custom Australian Buildings!Spdm3YxB!zyw7As_5N0X3NtVALHIUF1zm6qDkibjQpFaq9I-5GXA




Have fun 


Some new buildings that Ive added for version 5.09, I'll add the buildiing names in the steam changelog once released













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