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Been seeing alot of these lately on the hacklog. It's different people all the time so no one person is to blame. 

BadMoney on Client: added 1000 POP TABS! (115077 should be 114077) [FPS: 5.27357|THREADS: 13] (v0009)

Could it be SQL delay when it compares the DB to player? 

Also, been getting alot of reports of players losing money and respect. 


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You guys got some custom scripts or changed scripts that influence respect/poptabs?

Usually in exile these values are set in a variable on the server and at the same time on the client in a different variable.

That check just checks if they are the same value and if not if the client value is bigger. Since the server value updates the client value on change and the client value never changes on it's on (unless stupid scripts or hacks do it, and there was many stupid script/hacks like that) this msg should generally not popup

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  Yes and No. But none I think would influence the Bad Money script. I have uploaded my server files (the ones changed to make the server work as well as the logs from the past few days for your viewing enjoyment.to https://github.com/Falcon911/spearhead-exile I took out your stuff for obvious reasons, but can send you a copy of the config if needed. Maybe I'm just not looking at this right. I did change the server_config to decrease Respect on bambi killing, but again that has nothing to do with purchasing Vics..

Now as I stated before the only thing that's being hit is Vehicle buying and it can be either, me, my admins and even players are being hit by Bad Money and being kicked. 

(I'm throwing this all out for other Server operators to compare) But nothing (other than updates to DMS) have been changed since AH v13

The only scripts I have is:

1. The server unlock after restart for any vehicles that maybe in the trader area (Waiting on 0.9.36 to take this one out)

2. A script to changes any thermal weapons optics to ACO optics.

3. Running A3_DMS <<---now this one adjusts money and Respect when killing AI.

4. Crashed Heli's. 

5. Igiload

6. Rcon auto server restart

7. Selling/locking tracked vics. 



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