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Under the categories like mods etc.. I would like to see some key important facts stickied before they get out of control.

Example: Massi installs to exile etc.. One major thread, that gets shoved together. This would stop a 1000nd threads on how to install massi, and old topics getting bumped up, furthering your frustration for information current. I am not saying this is mods job, or do it now. Its a suggestion to have less topics like I saw on Epoch forums prior that massi went out of control. (its a forum pet peave I have)

Even a big title header, need help installing mods to your server? - spam here instead.

I've seen constant Massi threads, look to see for new information and its the same over and over, that has been spelled out by many people.

(this is why people refuse to help others, because it can be overwhelming the massive topics spammed)

The search engine has to be broken LMAO.

Just suggesting.

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