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Change vehicle repair to be not instant.

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Hello all, I just registered here for this post. I tried to use a quick search in case a similar topic was already posted, but I didn't find anything. Here it goes:

Why is repairing vehicles with Duct Tape instant? It is not hard at all to get a bunch of tape and be able to fix your vehicle multiple times in a really short amount of time.

This mainly comes as a frustration when figthing armored vehicles (Ifrit, Hunter and Strider). You can take all their wheels off and all the driver has to do is to turn the vehicle to get cover, hop out, repai, get back in and keep going. This probably encourages people to try and run people over instead of parking the vehicle and going into a firefight.

In my opinion, repair should take at least 30 seconds. 

Also I wouldn't mind if duct tape was changed for something else, like "repair parts". An item that's more expensive, rarer as a spawn and takes more inventory space. 

Those changes should make people drive more carefully and not treat Striders as tanks, therefore (hopefully) improving infantry combat in general.

Since I haven't seen other threads talking about this, I'd like to see what other people think.


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Many suggestions made about this and I honestly think the duct tape fix is just a place holder for the time being. I think we all agree it could be further developed and improved though. 

You may want to have a nip on to the "wish list" board and check out some of the suggestions there mate. Loads of ideas that are looking for feedback and input. 

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