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So I attempted to find a thread that already addresses this but could find nothing. I know everyone see the dots/fuzzy/grainy overlay in the corner of the screen. I'm assuming this is due to Exile devs version of color enhancing post processing (again, I'm assuming). My only real issue is, it looks really bad. As in, it makes my screen look dirty.

The things Exile has in the corners such as (player names who are in your group, Call of duty style kill announcements, and whatever else server owners put in the corner), are covered in this fuzzy semi transparent overlay. Which 1. makes it harder to see things in the corner, and 2. takes away from the immersion of the game. Some may not be bothered by it so much but IMO it seems weird and unneeded.

Maybe someone can shed light as to the specific reason for this dust covering the corners of my screen.


If you look in the picture at the corners, you will notice the darken dirty overlay.


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