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Preparing for EXILE update, help req

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Hi guys,

So in preparation for the new exile (server side) update I am just getting ready. I am a first time server host and I am constantly learning, I have heavily modified my server side files, which is fine however I am looking at advise as to how people implement changes when updating.

My biggest concern, is going to be the batteye filters, I have many additions to the 0.9.20 version of EXLE's battleeye filters, and I understand that when 0.9.30 comes out there will be new filters, but I will need to get my additions in! So, what text editor do you use to do this, surely there is a way that compares the two documents and you can just commit any differences from one into the other??? I know with notepadd++ you can use the compare plugin, but that only goes so far.

Essentially im asking for just some advise with committing differences in two similar documents? :P Currently I noob it out and sit there line by line, old school :D 

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