How to spawn non persistent vehicles?

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Trying to add vehicles through initServer.sqf. Vehicles show up on the map but when I try and get in one my screen goes black. Also seen other players not able to enter the vehicles. Wish this would work lol

["Exile_Car_Van_Guerilla01",[23389.2,18638.3,0],0,0,0,false] call ExileServer_object_vehicle_createNonPersistentVehicle,

or maybe add this at the bottom.....

if(_object isKindOf "Exile_Car_Van_Abstract") then {

call ExileServer_object_vehicle_createNonPersistentVehicle;


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What are you trying to achieve?  Maybe you could just use a custom mapping file to add vehicles to the server.  Doing it this way does mean they are always there, replenished every restart.   I do this on my server for a specific purpose.  Happy to share my file with you if it's what you need.

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