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Yeah i got the same problem.. Just getting kicked and i have alot of other mods on my server.

First i tryed to add all the pistols, ammo and attachments to the traders, Dident work. Removed them, Dident work. Then i saw you could download a hotfix from armaholic, so i tryed that, Dident work either.

I have Mas 1.10, Tryk Uniforms and RHS running on my server whitout any problems at all.. But this mod just seem to wanna kick me for some reson.. Have no clue anymore what it could be??

I would be really happy if anyone have found a sulotion on this, Thx!


Ps. I even tryed to turn off battleye, dident have any luck there either..



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Hello guys.  I am a noob at coding, but it looks like I figured out a work-around to make this mod work on a dedicated server.  I have attached before and after images to the sections I modified in the config file.  It worked for me, and, if you are having trouble, I hope it works for you. You will still get errors, but the guns, and other items will show up, and save.  Also, the server stopped hanging up for me.









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