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So me and a few friends want to play on a small server we have, and we transitioned from Epoch (Sorry for the language) to Exile. When we boot up the server, they connect fine (different area connections, i.e. different states etc.) but I cannot connect. I am on the host machine, but have never had this problem before on other games (Epoch, Minecraft, etc). thanks for any help! (both the server rpt log and connections log dont have any info on my client disconnecting) I have tried localhost:port and such.

TL;DR : I cannot connect to own server on hos machine even with others connecting fine in other states.


Any other info needed, i.e. client logs or anything I can post a pastebin or such link if need be.

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I have yes, because otherwise steam complains. Usually I have to boot server with steam completely closed and after server starts I can reopen steam and launch arma. I have never had this problem before on my old epoch server for arma 3 also. And to update, there is nothing on the log files that corellate to someone connecting then being kicked.

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