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i am a fairly new player to exile and arma 3 i have played dayz for years now and just started arma but looking for people to play with. i will join any clan i dont care.i have teamspeak 3. i play once a day and for many hours. contact me if you would like to join me to start something up or if you are recruiting yourself   -email

joshua.schillinger769   -skype

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Your welcome to come join our server, we are not a clan, we just like the idea of building looting, or going having a  fight,  :):)

but will give you a good idea of how exile works,

Search - [UK]TheSh1tGamer - Missions - Police - High Loot

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Hey buddy! Good to hear you're looking for a group of people to play with! I reckon I should be able to help you out! Just check out the write-up of my clan below and see if it appeals to you! ^_^

Welcome to Aerolith Gaming!
We are an online gaming community run by gamers, for gamers. Every last one of us here just want to do the same thing as you, to game with a group of friendly, accepting, respectful, mature people and that is what we do here at Aero. 

We understand the need for every gamer to find a fun, friendly group of people to play with, so we try and make Aerolith Gaming as close to a second family as possible.
To make this possible, we have a bustling TeamSpeak server populated with gamers just like you, filled with channels for any and every one of the games our members play. Found a new game you like to play with your friends? Just ask our approachable staff to make a new channel for it!

Other than being able to verbally communicate with us via TeamSpeak, we also have a user-friendly website to keep up-to-date with the latest gaming news, stay in the loop with community events and information, and even discuss an infinite number of topics with your fellow clanmates.

Only to complete the Aerolith Gaming experience, we also run a selection of popular servers for your favourite games to play on with your friends.
There's nothing like having everything in one place right?

Although we are mainly an Australian based community, we have and always will encourage an international player base to visit our servers. Now we understand international ping is a BIG problem so we have decided to pay for overseas servers too! As mentioned above, all we need is your support for it to happen. Oh and we would of course want to see a number of people from that country wanting to use that server.
On behalf of the team here at Aerolith Gaming, we thank you for your support and showing of interest.
Happy Gaming!
~ Aero Staff

Aerolith Gaming Banner (TeamSpeak - 851x315).png

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Jointheforce gaming community is welcoming you to play any game you like on our hosted game servers.

We are a community with many different games to play. We also started playing arma 2 and arma 3 for a long time with a group that know each other for a long time, but we are always willing to fit someone inside our group.

Are you interested and friendly, mature and willing to be part of our community than we are welcomming you!



Arma3 server website: still work in progress but you can sign up for it.

Ip server:  

Hope to see you around.

May the force be with you!

Greetings, rubyE


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If you’re looking for a good mature group of players for Arma 3 (and pretty much any other game you can think of) you came to the right place. Ethix Gaming is a 18+ gaming community, proud of the no hacking/toxic behaviour (towards inside and outside gamers).


- 18+

- 50+ Nations

- 1900+ members (About 40 that activly play arma)

- Casual and Competitive

Arma 3 Gamemodes:

·         Wasteland

·         King of the Hill

·         Breaking Point

·         Exile

·         Epoch

·         Battle Royale

·         Mil-sim (growing unit)

·         Arma 2: Epoch/Overpoch/DayZ

Other Main Games:

·         CoD

·         H1Z1

·         DayZ

·         LoL

·         Rocket League

·         Dirty Bomb

·         CS:GO

·         ARK: Survival Evolved


In case you want to hop in and meet us and game with us hop in our Teamspeak!

Any questions regarding anything including application and/or teamspeak guest passes PM me.

Thank you for your time and consideration.


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