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Hey Exile-Modteam,

first of all...u guys did a great job so far :D. But i think there are some points that could be improved and thats what i want to talk about rigth now :D

Before i switched to Exile i played breaking point for arma3 and they had a new stamina system, wich didnt make u shake after 5m sprint like its normal in arma3. Same is for the shake when u lay down on the ground, wich made the shooting a bit more fun and "easy". I dont expect u to change the whole system, but it would be nice, to be able to sprint like idk 100m with out having a character with pakinson. And then there are the OP Thermal Scopes...It´s way to unfair with them ingame. Even then Range-Nerv didnt change the power of these scopes. I asked my friends about what the would change with these scopes. And we agreed, that it should be removed. For the guys who cant live without thermal it would be a solution to leave the thermal in things like the drone or maybe a hellcat version for a heck lot of money, u know? I dont think it should be totally removed but with the drone its a good solution in my opinion. It would be fun to have one in ur team spotting and telling u the positions and it wouldnt be that op, because u would still have to find the enemy by ur own and kill him. Thats a bit harder but defenetly more fun. :D

Well thats all for the moment, i hope i could give u some help in balancing etc.

[VoW] EXPAndMore 


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Stamina systems are terrible, esspecially if you play on maps like altis, it just takes too much time to get around. I love the current system!

And as for thermals, i would say they are a bit OP atm, having them zoomed in more (when zoomed out to the max), would make it more blanced.

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