Drinking Energy Drink should increase pop tabs by 1

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Let me get this straight.

You drink an energy drink and you want to get money for it?  (Pop Tabs)


Dear Mr.(or Ms.) Brez,

     Thank you kindly for your reply.  I do, however, feel there is some confusion which needs to be cleared up.  My apologies for failing to properly explain my thought process for my suggestion to the developers of this fine mod.  You see, Brez (if i may call you by your username alone), the currency world of the Exile mod is, as you call them, Pop Tabs.  This would be the commoners term for the more formal pull tab commonly found on the top of aluminum cans.  The lack of proper currency in Exile has forced the convicts to turn to a separate monetary system, in this case the clever lever on the top of metal soda cans on which some females may feel are only good for breaking their precious nails.

     With this understanding, I feel it is now must be clear that because the energy drink is contained in such a well crafted vessel such as the aluminum can AND possessing said pop tab, that when the drink is consumed by the thirsty party, the player himself shall continue to possess the single pop tab which was formerly used to open that container of sweet energy-filled nectar. Thus increasing the players total collection of "pop tabs" by a single tab.


Good day, Sir.

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