Adding fog during certain hours. (Would this code work, how best to implement it?)

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Newbie scripting question here, all advice is welcome.

A friend wants fog to appear in his Exile server during certain hours.

Been playing around in the editor and this seems to work:

_date = date;
// If it's after 9pm, roll in fog over 60 seconds.
if (date select 3 >= 21) then 
	60 setFog [1, 0, 0];  
// If it's after 9am then clear the fog.
else if (date select 3 >= 9) then 
	60 setFog [0, 0, 0];

How would be the best way to implement this into Exile?

Save as customFog.sqf, and add:

execVM "scripts\customFog.sqf";  

to our init.sqf would load the script but, as far as I'm aware, only check the time once.

So how do we keep checking without affecting performance?


UPDATE: Had a thought, could we use waitUntil ?

// Would add the fog at 9pm but never clear it?
waitUntil {date select 3 >= 21}
 // Draw fog code

// Clear it?
waitUntil {date select 3 >= 9}
 // Clear fog code

Would that work? Will play with the Editor in the morning, is 3am here.

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@GR8 Do you have any idea How to call this at a certain time in game then reset to new value at a later time. Or even a certain amount a time the server has been up.

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You will need to use while loops to keep the script checking for the time or the server uptime. 


Something like this could work 

while {date select 3 >= 21}
do {
 // Draw fog code
 // wait
 uiSleep 10;


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