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Tobias Solem

Idea for a mission - request for it to be made

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So I had this idea for a mission (sort of an idea for an expanded ZCP-version), as I am not well-versed enough in SQF yet, I'll turn to the community and see if perhaps there is someone who knows how to make this happen and happens to like my idea that will make it real.

So this is how it should work:


1. An objective spawns on the map for all players to see (traditional) 

2. At the location a circular area with spread out obstacles spawn (could be H-barriers mixed in with cars, etc. )

3. In the center of the square there is an item that is interactable

4. When the first player interacts with the item a meter starts going down, as long as the player is within X meters, it will continue to go down.

5. As soon as the meter starts going down, X waves of AI start spawning, heading toward the center of the circle, trying to kill the player (size of waves is relative to players(s) in the center)

6. The player wins if he manages to survive until the meter reaches 0 

7. The price could be spawning in a supply drop with a parachute with some goodies (goodie amounts and quality are relative to players present)


You could have different difficulties on this, and/or teamwork versions; for example have two points that required two players to remain near each for the timer to go down. 

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