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Construction not working


Mods i'm using on the server =

@ASDG_JR;@Exile;@HLC AK Pack;@HLC AR15 Pack;@HLC AWM Pack;@HLC Core;@HLC FAL Pack;@HLC G3 Pack;@HLC M14 Pack;@HLC M60 Pack;@HLC MP5 Pack;@HLC SAW Pack;@Ryanzombies


Currently i am able to place the Flag, next i try to place a work bench (alot of other items too) and the preview shows up for where to place it but when i press spacebar, nothing happens.


Any help would be great


Edit; I've disabled all of the addons and the issue still persists. Can't place any construction items besides the flag.

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is the item green when trying to place?



When i'm trying to place the floor tiles, it's green.

The workbench doesn't change color.

Neither of them place though despite the placement mode

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