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Raija [AA]

Need help installing


I dunno what to do, when I install and tyr to go into a CCG server I am unable to, according to A3 Launcher it says that I am all downloaded.  Did I miss something when I downloaded from that launcher?

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To give you a picture of my issue I do the following


A open A3 Launcher

B Click Launch on the CCG Lingor Server for Exile

C The launcher goes through it's phase until it reaches past the intro

D Error  Files C\Users\\Desktop\Arma 3 mods\@Exile\addons\ dbo_old_bike.pbo

                       C\Users\\Desktop\Arma 3 mods\@Exile\addons\ exile_client.pbo

                       C\Users\\Desktop\Arma 3 mods\@Exile\addons\ gnt_c185.pbo are not signed by a key accepted by this server. To play on this server, remove listed Files or Install additional accepted keys

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Just seems like the add-on is out of date. Either you're ahead oh the server or your a patch behind. I quit using A3 because sometimes the mod available to download wasn't always the newest.

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