Adding Weapons,BackPacks, Etc To Traders

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Hello Is There Anyway to add more To Traders Like Mas Things? Ive Added the Codes in the config.cpp, but when i load into the server my mission file gets bigger but cant find the items?

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All trader items are in the mpmissions, config.cpp. Just take a look at the items already there with prices. Add whatever you want from mods there just like the rest. Then, scroll down, and add their class names to the lists below. You need to list the items where the prices are and down at the bottom. I"ll link an example of mine. <--Mas Vehicles, Weapons, and USSOCOM/DEVGRU

Almost all of Massi's uniforms are currently broken, thanks to the recent Arma 3 updates by Bohemia. I'd avoid using his uniforms until he fixes them. The vests, backpacks, helmets and such all work fine, with the excemption of a rare few items. 

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