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Lockpick system for Exile mod


Currently Exile bases, safes and cars are imposible to raid propertly. With this addon I wanted to bring to Exile Mod the posibility of raiding.


  • Configurable object to act as a lockpick, by default is using MineDetector (if you have a mine detector in the inventory you will see a wheel menu when looking to a door , safe or car)
  • Lockpick can open a door.
  • Lockpick can open a safe.
  • Lockpick can open a car.
  • Configurable probabilities for doors, safes and cars independently.
  • Configurable lockpick time for doors, safes and cars independently.
  • When used in a safe or door , a notification will be sent to the building authorized members of the territory, and a mark will appear on their map during 5 minutes.
  • When used in a car, a notification will be sent to all the server and the initial location of the car will be shown for 5 minutes.
  • Lockpick usages will be saved to a database table for admin tracking of its usage. (more uses in the future).

Planed Features

  • New trader that will show the name of the people that raided you for an ammount of money.
  • Email sent to the players that are under attack.

How to install

Step 1 - Mission addon

  1. Unpack your mission.pbo.
  2. Copy the addons folder from "1 - MISSION" and paste it inside your mission folder
  3. Copy the content of the init.sqf next to the addons folder and paste it in your init.sqf, if you dont have a init.sqf then paste this one in your mission.
  4. OPTIONAL - Configure the lockpick usage in addons/w4_lockpick/initLockpick.sqf

Step 2 - Server addon

  1. Open the folder "2 - SERVER"
  2. Pack the folder w4_lockpick into a pbo and paste it inside your @ExileServer/addons folder.

Step 3 - CfgRemoteExec

  1. Locate your Class CfgRemoteExec (By default in the description.ext in your mission pbo)
  2. Modify it with the following:
    class CfgRemoteExec
        class Functions
            mode = 1;
            jip = 0;
            class ExileServer_system_network_dispatchIncomingMessage { allowedTargets=2; };

            class ExileClient_system_network_dispatchIncomingMessage { allowedTargets=1; };

            class w4_lockpick_fnc_lockpicked { allowedTargets = 2; };
            class w4_lockpick_fnc_lockpick_attempt { allowedTargets = 2; };
            class w4_lockpick_fnc_lockpick_failed { allowedTargets = 2; };

            class w4_lockpick_fnc_create_marker_client { allowedTargets = 1; };

        class Commands

Step 4 - Database table

  1. Add the following to the bottom of your @ExileServer\extDB\sql_custom_v2\exile.ini       
        SQL1_1 = INSERT INTO lockpick SET uid = ?, object_owner = ?, territory_id = ?, position_x = ?, position_y = ? , position_z = ?, object = ?, type = ? , object_type = ? ,datetime = NOW()
        Number Of Inputs = 9
        SQL1_INPUTS = 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9
        Return InsertID = true

2. Create the following schema on your exile database.       

        CREATE TABLE `lockpick` (
          `id` int(11) NOT NULL AUTO_INCREMENT,
          `uid` varchar(32) NOT NULL,
          `object_owner` varchar(64) NOT NULL,
          `territory_id` int(11) NOT NULL,
          `position_x` double NOT NULL,
          `position_y` double NOT NULL,
          `position_z` double NOT NULL,
          `object` varchar(64) NOT NULL,
          `type` varchar(20) NOT NULL,
          `object_type` varchar(20) NOT NULL,
          `datetime` datetime NOT NULL,
          PRIMARY KEY (`id`)

Source: https://github.com/w4rgo/w4_lockpick

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Are we agree to modify your code?
Have idea for this

- Luck system to lockpick
- Damage on fail
- Sound alert on fail
- more :P

What do you mean by luck ? Its already based on chances.

I can add those suggestions and also,

Pull requests are welcome :)

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@w4rgo Mistake about luck doesn't understand that ^^

What's making luck ? (sorry for my poor english)

Would mean can we adjust % for each kind of vehicle (quad more easy to lock pick than Strider)

You can make/add a lot of thing to suggestion

- Damage on fail
- Alert Sound on fail
- Sticky on fail
- ...

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