onPlayerDisconnect or HandleDisconnect wont fire

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Im trying to get the server to do stuff (delete a marker basically) when a certain player disconnects.


_MEH_disconnect = addMissionEventHandler ["Handledisconnect",{
	if ((_this select 3) == plyrname) then {dcname = (_this select 3)}; diag_log format ["%1 disconnected",(_this select 3)];


["Stacked_EH", "onPlayerDisconnected", {dcname = _name; diag_log format ["%1 disconnected",_name];}] call BIS_fnc_addStackedEventHandler;

works. Its not even giving me an rpt error... Am i even close to using those eventhandlers correct? the documentation on the BIKI is not enough =(


loop that is waiting for variable change is 

waitUntil {_startTime + territory_time_limit > time or (getMarkerColor "TerritoryWars_dot" == "") or (dcname == plyrname); sleep 5;};


Or is there a way for a script running clientside to exitWith {deletemarker "blablabla"}; when he disconnects?

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