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So looking for Feedback. Right now I I have a server monitor that runs and monitors my server running and then every 6 hours I have a stopserver.bat that kills the arma process then the monitor has a 80 sec timer and once it sees it is stopped it then launches my Startserver.bat script.

I am looking for a easier way to do this. Or something that is not so crazy. I have been toying with making a Visual Studio program to just do resets no matter what at like 6 and 12 every day no matter when i start the server. 


I guess I am looking for stuff other then BEC to do it I see tons of people using a script in there PBO to do it. Reason I went with BEC so I could push messages up to the screen to make sure people see it is going to restart. I guess I could do that also in the mission pbo. I guess I am looking for advice on what is best?

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I guess I am looking for more of a central Management servers. If I want to change the restart time I got put it in the blank. if I want to add a nerw server I can with one click. If I want to update it is easy to do. If I want to restart mysql I can do it right there. 


Maybe I need more of a web based server manager that I can run either on a web site that would interact with my server at home or something I could run on a different port because my provider blocks port 80.  Wondering what is out there. 

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