Placing static machine guns

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As far as I know that is currently impossible because of arma's limitation

Nah, just write it to the database and it'll stay.  It's like with web pages:  Session variables flush when you close the browser, cookies continue to hold data for next session.  Currently random spawned cars and placeables are session variables, they need to be cookies.



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They would need to behave like a tent if they are able to be added to the database.... 3 day auto-cleanup outside of territories or something like that.

I'd be tempted to suggest @Flosstradamus may be on the right track though, this might be an ARMA issue. I would however love to have a couple of mounted .50's on the roof of my base if it can be fixed.... for the moment, the guns in the Huron are sufficient :)

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clarified territory statement.

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