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Test if player is near traders (ExileClient_util_world_isTraderZoneNearby.sqf)

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I would like to recommend that the method for detecting whether a player is near a tradder be changed. It presently relies on testing for nearby "EmptyDetectors" which is not specific. Instead, why not test for map markers named "ExileTrader", which is already declared as the type of map marker used for traders in mission.sqm. Using this approach, one might recode in the same way that the test for proximity to spawn points is tested, specifically:

_position = _this;
_radius = 1000;
_isNearby = false;
    if (getMarkerType _x == "ExileTrader") then
        if ((getMarkerPos _x) distance _position < _radius) exitWith
            _isNearby = true;
forEach allMapMarkers;

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