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Script restriction #47

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Hi guys.

I rented a server at GTXgaming, I just installed the latest version of Exile and that of Infistar.

When i'm login I was ejected from the server: Restriction Script # 47.

In the logs:
#47 "trol ctrlShow true;
_lines = "";
if (_x isKindOf "Exile_Unit_Player") then
switch (true) do
case ((damage _x) isEqualT"


Solutioner ideas for this problem?

I have no other Mod or installed script.


Thank You.


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7 allVariables
7 allPlayers !="[_index, [225/255, 65/255, 65/255, 1]];\n};\n};\n};\n}\nforEach allPlayers;\n};\n_partyButton = _display displayCtrl 4112;\n_partyButton" !="75,FONT_3dHANDLERPlayer,'',true];\n				};\n			};\n		} forEach allPlayers;\n	" !="To _playerUID)exitWith\n{\n_playerObject = _x;\n};\n} \nforEach allPlayers;\n_playerObject"
7 playableUnits !="  Admin Menu   SERVER UP FOR: %3               %4',count playableUnits,((playersNumber west)+(playersNumber east)+(playersNumber" !="x != '')then{_whiteListed pushBack (name _x);};} forEach playableUnits;\n					{\n						_ctrl = _x;\n						_txt = ctrlText _ctrl;\n		"
7 allUnits
7 isPlayer !="s\"];\n\n_unit = _this select 0;\n_task = _this select 1;\n\nif !(isPlayer _unit) exitWith {};\n\n_newCurrent = \"\";\n_prevCurrent = missi" !="do {\nprivate [\"_display\",\"_veh\",\"_vehType\",\"_uavPosition\",\"_isPlayerInAV\",\"_icon\"];\n\n_display = _params select 0;\n_veh = vehicle" !="T))then{player} else {(call fnc_LBSelChanged_LEFT)};\n			if(!isPlayer _target)exitWith{\n				_log = format['Spawning %1 on the gro" !="			};\n										}\n										else\n										{\n											if!(isPlayer _driver)then\n											{\n												_log = format['TP wit" !=";\n			cutText [_log, 'PLAIN DOWN'];\n			hint _log;\n		};\n		if!(isPlayer _target)exitWith\n		{\n			_log = 'Target is not a Player!';\n	" !=" 26) == 1)\n||\n\nprofilenamespace getvariable [\"BIS_fnc_init_displayErrors\",false]\n) then {\n(\"BIS_fnc_error\" call (uinamespace get" !="e \"lastGestFreezeT\";\n\nif (_VBtemp + 25 < time) then \n{\n\nif (isPlayer _this) then {}	 \nelse\n{\nif (random 10 < 6) then \n{\n\n\n\n\n\n\nif" !=";\nif (!isNull cameraOn) then\n{\n{\nif (!isNull _x) then\n{\nif (isPlayer _x) then\n{\nif(isHidden _x) exitWith {}; \n_distance = camera"
!="trol ctrlShow true;\n};\n_lines = \"\";\n{\nif (_x isKindOf \"Exile_Unit_Player\") then \n{\nswitch (true) do\n{\ncase ((damage _x) isEqualT\"
7 Exile_unit_player !="ame,1,0.04];\n};\n};\n}\nforEach ((cameraOn nearEntities[['Exile_Unit_Player', 'LandVehicle', 'Ship', 'Air'], _espRenderRange]) - [c" !="\n					_type = typeOf player;\n					if!(_type isEqualTo 'Exile_Unit_Player')then\n					{\n						if((diag_tickTime > _SECOND_DELAY_FO" !="		\n				_type = typeOf player;\n				if!(_type isEqualTo 'Exile_Unit_Player')then\n				{\n					if((currentWeapon player != '')||(play"


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Was there a fix for this error? after the last post?

Happens just before you hit the trader at the airfield on altis exile only mod

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