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Updating to Nectarine

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I am kind new to updating the exile servers . I have a freind that updates my servers at a cost and I am kind broke atm so I need to do it myself. I seen I only needed to replace the exile_server.pbo,bikey,and battle eye folder. So I copied the pbo and the bikey to the keys folder. Then I went to the root and replaced the battle eye folder. Restarted the server and it would not start . It said the battle eye service failed to start. So I looked at what was in the battle eye folder and it was completely different from what I removed . So I put the old folder back in [battle eye folder] and tryed to start the server again. It started but it wasnt the updated version. So I must have missed something. I went and looked at the guide that was put up and It seems like I did every thing but something has to be missing. What did I do wrong???

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Hey bustednuts,

I think that you are supposed to keep the old BE folder and overwrite/add only files from the new patch. Keep the backup of the old folder - make copy like battleye_backup of the folder and add files from the 9.35 to your actual battleye folder.

Battleye folder is a kind of a stuff which was installed by Arma 3 (eg. dll) and not Exile mod - you can't just delete the files which server needs.


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