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Recent Repair Change (Bug Report)



The recent change that prevents players from repairing a vehicle while in combat is not quite working as intended, players in vehicles taking heavy sustained fire are not all being put into combat. Blew up a strider with a mine, took out all 4 wheels, continued to pepper it with Navid fire - 1 occupant got out repaired it and they where instantly off again in the space of 5 seconds after just losing all wheels. (Can confirm hitting vehicles with rounds does not put people in combat)

Which should not the be case anymore due to the recent change  You cannot repair vehicles anymore when you are in combat. 

I think a quick fix/solution is when ever a round hits a vehicle all players should be put in combat, or even easier - everytime the vehicle takes damage even if its 1% everyone is put in combat in the vehicle. I don't know if this will cause issues if say the hull is at 0% and can no longer take damage.


Hopefully this gets resolved soon as personally as a player always feel robbed when it happens.



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