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SMA 2.0 Released

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Yeah, i know server owners can add weapon mods and such whenever, if ever they choose. However, i think if you guys at Exile ever decide to add guns, SMA is the best weapons pack available right now. They choose quality over quantity, and at that, there re still a wide array of unique weapons to chose from.

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2 large requirements, might be a problem. I am really sure they are great. I wouldn't mind trying that package out myself.

There is a huge problem with others mods being added to a stock Sandbox mod. It requires constant updates to CBA and whatever the other requirements are to work. The only way this really would work would be to Cut down the mod, add only stock items in and support them.

Arma 3 already has stock items in, and changing the format may require constant updates on both ends.

CBA has in the past with other Sandbox mods caused issues for the Dev's and server ops. Major errors all over the place. Like i was saying unless CBA was able to update constantly for Exile there would be no way to incorporate it into this mod as a full time expansion. Both being mods will defiantly be a problem for these dev's.


Good idea for server ops though.

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Just putting it out there: 

Exile is open-source, and if you want to add extra features to Exile that isn't in Exile Core, you have to add them yourself, adding these things to Exile Core will increase the size of the mod a lot, and it has never been the developers plan to implement weapons etc, as previous stated it's open-source, and any developer can modify the code to their likings and requirements. 

Increasing the size of the mod may also cause users not to like the mod anymore, because it's suddenly 1 GB or whatever, because of mods, I know that I sure wouldn't download the mod then. 

And what if people just want their server to be Arma 3 Vanilla without all kinds of fancy shit, they would still be forced to download the entire mod including all sorts of stuff?

All in all, if you want this, add it yourself or ask your server admin.

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