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Well with all the money they are making my players need somethng to spend their money on.

Are there any new vehicles that can be added apart from the standard arma 3 ones ?




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you add the classnames into the config.hpp in the mission file.

and in the mission.sqm you need to add the classnames that are required. that way players who do not have the mods will be kicked. otherwise if u have 1 player without and 1 player with, the player without the mod will just see a guy driving around in the air.

so for example in your mission.sqm to add mas vehicles

addOns[] = [



the same should apply with any mod you add. and you would also need to add any BE filters for these mods as are required.

please note im getting this info from another forum when i ran an epoch server: same things should apply on exile server to a degree


5 "" !"B_Parachute" !"B_AssaultPack_(cbr|dgtl|khk|mcamo|ocamo|rgr|sgg)" !"B_Carryall_(cbr|khk|mcamo|ocamo|oli|oucamo)" !"B_FieldPack_(blk|cbr|khk|ocamo|oli|oucamo)" !"B_Kitbag_(cbr|mcamo|rgr|sgg)" !"B_TacticalPack_(blk|mcamo|ocamo|oli|rgr)" !"smallbackpack_(red|green|teal|pink|)_epoch" !"(O|I|B)_UAV_01_backpack_F" !"launch_" !=B_mas_AssualtPack_ !=B_mas_Bergen_ !=B_mas_Kitbag !=muzzle_mas_ !=optic_mas_ !arifle_mas_ !srifle_mas_ !hgun_mas_ !LMG_mas_ !=mas_launch_


5 "" !="(Binocular|Rangefinder|Hatchet|CrudeHatchet|WoodClub|Melee(Sledge|Maul)|ChainSaw|MultiGun|Rollins_F|Plunger)" !="(ruger_pistol|speargun|1911_pistol|akm|m14|M14Grn|m16|m16Red|m107|m107Tan|m249|m249Tan|m4a3|sr25|l85a2|l85a2_(pink|ugl))_epoch" !="SMG_(01|02)_F" !="hgun_(PDW2000|ACPC2|Rook40|P07|Pistol_heavy_0[1-2]|Pistol_Signal)_F" !="LMG_(Mk200|Zafir)_F" !="srifle_(EBR|GM6|LRR|DMR_01)_F" !="arifle_(Katiba|Katiba_C|Katiba_GL|SDAR|TRG21|TRG20|TRG21_GL|Mk20|Mk20C|Mk20C_plain|Mk20_GL|Mk20_plain|Mk20_GL_plain)_F" !="arifle_(MXC|MX|MX_GL|MXM|MXM_Black|MX_GL_Black|MX_Black|MXC_Black|MX_SW|MX_SW_Black)_F" !="launch_" !arifle_mas_ !srifle_mas_ !hgun_mas_ !LMG_mas_ !=mas_launch_



Below; 7 removeAllItems



7 "" !arifle_mas_ !srifle_mas_ !hgun_mas_ !LMG_mas_ !=mas_launch_ !=B_mas_AssualtPack_ !=B_mas_Bergen_ !=B_mas_Kitbag !=muzzle_mas_ !=optic_mas_

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