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Unlock/Lock display

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Hey guys after a few weeks exile we build big base with alot of doors a few safes and vehicles.

So since Exile did a keybind on custon control 1 u can almost instant lock and unlock things in ur base after u enter the code once on every lock.

U dont need to scroll and click lock or unlock and with the bind u have almost twice the range as normal.

And because of that sometimes if u need to lock ur whole base up or ur car  while u fight its very hard to remember wheter u locked it or not because

the display is the same execpt    (un)locked.

My suggestion is to change the icon and the colour so u can remember really easy what u locked/unlocked because u cant overlook the icon AND the colour even in pvp.

Heres is my idea how it could look:



Just write down what u think.

Edit here are the normal displays.



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Yeah I think the color is too close to each other and it would be a good idea to change it to something else. The icon is fine however because thats what an unlock symbol would look like

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