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Sudden CPS drop

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does anyone know, what (script problems?) can cause sudden CPS drops? (Server 3)
It's a dedicated i7-3770 with 32GB RAM, CPU is not maxed out, yet.

This must be a script/configuration problem, cause the server is running well, until a point, where I think some script bug's out and eating CPU cycles or something...
Ive using A3XAI, VEMF. DMS, HeliCrashs, which one can update almost daily.
Furthermore I've modified the modless Z-Script to spawn the Z's correctly on the client and deleting them via eventhandler, when the client disconnects.
Also I've implemented some trade-logging via the arma_load.dll extension.

The Altis server has more objects (see OC3) than Bornholm, however the CPS drop comes so sudden, that I am almost sure this is a script bug and not low performance caused by much objects / heavy scripts.

EDIT: The first screen shows the drop after 4,5h, and in the second screen the drop just occured after 30 minutes uptime with 8 players...
Does anyone have some hints, how to debug the internal state of the arma scripting engine?




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