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Wrong Spawn locations showing up on Esseker


Hi, new to the forums but not new to Exile. Been playing it a while and have also been dabbling a bit with a server setup. I recently downloaded the Esseker map to the server and wanted to give it a try. herein lies my problem. I have noticed I am still getting the default spawn selections for Altis map ie Kavala Pyrgos Sofia etc etc but no spawn selections for Esseker. Would anyone know possibly why this maybe happening? At present I am going through checking files etc and making config changes to see if this resolves the problem - as I have a feeling that it may be due to something I may or may not have done when setting up esseker on my server. I am pretty sure it is only something fairly simple, but we all know that the simplest of issues can be the hardest to spot and correct.


Any pointers would be well appreciated. Thanks.

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You can set your spawn locations in your mission.sqm look for:


        class Item0 {
            position[] = {1644.82, 5.99636, 2113.64};
            name = "NameOfmySpawnZone";
            text = "TextThatsShownOnTheMap";
            type = "ExileSpawnZone";


If you add or remove some make sure you change the X below to the amount of entries you have.


    class Markers {
        items = X;

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