How to get this third-party script working on my Excile Server?

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Hey guys,

I'm new to running my Exile Server (and Arma in general) but I found a script that I would really like to install on my server but wondered if someone with experience could help me out... My main problem is not understanding where I need to put these files/the location of the files that they mention about editing.... The instructions "seem" relatively straight forward but I assume the location of the "description.txt" file is obvious to some (i'm not sure where to locate it though :-()

In addition, it then talks about setting up "units" in the editor? Is this a requirement or just an additional thing you can do if you require additional zombies? When they refer to setting up units in the editor does this mean PBO Manager or a text file located located on the server somewhere? 

Installation / Usage:
- Add the following in your description.ext file:

#include "infected\infectedsounds.hpp";
 #include "infected\cfgfunctions.hpp";

How to use::
create a unit in the editor, add in the init box:
null = this spawn INF_fnc_infecthim  
Or create a marker and name it, create a trigger and put in "on act":
null= [thistrigger,["marker01"],100, false, true] spawn INF_fnc_infectedzone;
In this order:
- thistrigger : this one never change.
- ["marker01"] : the name of your marker. can be multiple ["marker01","marker02"]
- 100 : infecteds to spawn.
- false : spawn in houses: true/false
- true : respawn after last player leave the trigger : true/false
here infecteds will be created as soon as any player enter the trigger, if he leave they all will be "frozen", and reactivated if he come again, so don't use "repeat" on the trigger 

Then you can use the "horde" trigger, it's a bit different:
infecteds will attack the player that activate 
the trigger and his group ONLY, if all players are dead, they will return to 
their spawn point and die:
null= [thistrigger,["pop000"],15,false] spawn INF_fnc_initHorde;

In this order:
- thistrigger : this one never change.
- ["pop000"] : the name of your marker. can be multiple ["pop000","pop001"]
- 15 : infecteds to spawn on every markers
- false : spawn in houses: true/false

The script that I'm trying to add can be found here here: 

I'm desperate to get this working on my server and would happily pay someone via. PayPal just to give me some working step-by-step instructions on how to get this added to my Exile server.

Many thanks in advance,


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