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Hi, I was wondering if I could get some help. Basically I'm  new to A3 administration server side and want to know more. I have a little experience with A2 server side running mods like day z and epoch but obviously A3 exile looks a little more advanced and to be honest I'm a bit overwhelmed when I look at A3 Exile servers. 


It's more for personal development thought to be honest, we have a combination of dedi-servers and hosted servers that are looked after by our experienced admins that are head and shoulders above me in technical terms. I just want to be able to understand A3 Exiles file structure, basic command configs and common mods/scripts addon locations etc so I can follow technical conversations and have a greater understanding of how our servers operate.

I also am curious about the database, it's location on the sever and issues such as backing up and restoring data. Maybe even some common commands that help with clean ups etc..

I was hoping to eventually be competent enough to compile a guide for noobs like myself to help get their heads around A3/Exile (primarily for my clan mates too as a means of inducting new admins), everything I've come across so far seems to assume you already have some kind of knowledge or experience of A3.

As I said I'm looking for any resources I may have missed or some basic help with exile out the box, which folders and PBOs are the important ones (i tended to only really use server and mission pbos). Cheers

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