Looking for people to help out with coding/testing a Tavi zombie server

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Just myself and one other for now so it's a little slow going.  It will all get done eventually but if we could divide some of the work it'll go much more quickly.  
Could use someone who knows how to use a 3D editor to create custom safe zones.  Need a basic website as well.  
I have a test server up on Tavi.  The plan is to create a Frankie-type experience.  If you haven't seen his videos Google 'Frankie The Horde' and 'Frankie The Cave.'  
Basically, a real zombie survival type.  Possibly would disable NVG's and thermals; not sure yet.  This isn't to say it wouldn't be PVP.  
I'd also like to create a humanity system as well as unique missions.  I plan on including weapon and vehicle mods.  Traders will only be for basic supplies, gear and weapons.  The majority of the good loot will only be lootable or obtainable through missions.  This will all have to be experimented with of course.  
If you want to come on board let me know.  I put in a few hours everyday and mostly all day on weekends but it's a lot of work to do alone.  Bonus points if you've helped maintained servers in the past.
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