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Script restriction #41 (Doors Open Problem)

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How can I solve the problem??

My scripts.log files

14.10.2015 19:57:03: UFUK G. ( 4b3606a73c5564624572d11a33787be7 - #41 "([this, 'Door_5','Door_5_Handle','Door_5_Handle_2','Door_6'] execVM "\jbad_structures\scripts\DoorsOneHandle_open.sqf")"
14.10.2015 21:19:45: UFUK G. ( 4b3606a73c5564624572d11a33787be7 - #41 "([this, 'Door_5','Door_5_Handle','Door_5_Handle_2','Door_6'] execVM "\jbad_structures\scripts\DoorsOneHandle_open.sqf")"
15.10.2015 00:31:23: kubilay ( 02e71d40e94af36c795ae409ae2a78a4 - #41 "([this, 'Door_1','Door_1_Handle','Door_1_Handle_2','Door_2'] execVM "\Jbad_Structures\scripts\DoorsOneHandle_open.sqf")"
15.10.2015 01:02:24: Spook ( 692aa1af8b8ad41e9a38ffebeb1a6587 - #41 "[this, 'Door_9','Door_9_Handle','Door_9_Handle_2','Door_10'] execVM "\Jbad_Structures\scripts\DoorsOneHandle_open.sqf")"

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